MGEUROP, Sally and the team of merchandisers study and support each technical file. They will then be entrusted according to their level of expectation to one or more merchandisers.

A dedicated and highly personalized service

Whether your request is for high-visibility products (any color), specific markings or embroidery, memory shape fabric, anti-radiation, anti-UV or anti-dust, MGEUROP will always positively answer.

At any time we can meet during the different phases of development to modify or improve a point of detail. If this were to affect the industrial process in any way, then MGEUROP would communicate you the impact of changes on the delivery time.

You are in direct contact with MGEUROP, no intermediary or agent, which facilitates communication and speeds up decision. All exchanges are done by mail, in English, in order to avoid errors of transcription or interpretation.
Parcels and samples are hand delivered, validation documents are emarginated in your premises.

At any time upon your request, you are informed of the progress of the file: from the date of receiving fabrics to delivery at your warehouse.


We ship a container each week, on Tuesday. The commitments of the exclusive freight forwarder with MGEUROP include among others the use of unique containers and fast boats, we rarely use grouping. Transit times can still be shortened by 10 days by requesting a sea & air transportation. “Angelique M., International Transport Manager.


Our clothes are manufactured in legal conditions, human and ethic.
  • Respect of law and working conditions, prohibition of forced labour.
  • Prohibition of children labour, prohibition of harassment, salary.
  • Weekly working and rest schedule, prohibition of discrimination, freedom of association, security.
The unit prices submitted by MGEUROP are in Euros, billing is French. Each offer is valid for a fixed period, specified before order. Everything is included, you do not worry about currency fluctuations or customs taxes.


Working only on file at the Customer’s request, we have no collection or catalog. can however present you samples illustrating the technical and know-how of its team.