Professional clothing manufacturing

A full service, from purchase of materials to delivery at your warehouse passing through the development of your collections. Beyond a basic B to B relation , MGEUROP has worked for many years in a spirit of trust and partnership.

“All Inclusive” Service

In an goal of satisfaction and constant improvement, acts as a real product manager for your clothes. Once your request is received by our technical services, you delegate all of your project while remaining in control of the various stages of validation and development.

Buying and Control

Each component of the garment purchased by MGEUROP is validated by you. Upon request, additional control can be performed by SGS®, Intertek® or any other organization.


Fully in line with your specifications, MGEUROP submits for your approval: fabrics, markings and accessories before realization of the initial samples.

Files follow-up

Our factory supports the technical and industrial aspects, MGEUROP ensures the presence and proximity: You are constantly aware of the proper conduct of the process.

Respect of norms

Depending on your level of exigency defined during the workshop, MGEUROP will provide certificates of conformity for each fabric or finished product.