The fabrics, colors, accessories, packaging and markings are decided at the first workshop. MGEUROP.com then activates its sourcing network to bring You concrete elements for validation.

Control of fabrics

Our weavers produce swatches to validate the quality and hand feel of the fabric, then 2 to 3 lab-dips in respect of your color range or Pantone®

Variations of colors in dye baths can occur when launching a repeat order, MGEUROP retains and keeps tracks of the factory production history. This allows us to ensure continuity in delivery of permanent garments or renewed products. Note that in the case of different fabrics composition, the same Pantone® color will reveal nuances in appearance. Agreements and relationships with our weavers allow us to observe the same rigor in maintaining the quality, appearance and touch of fabric

Process : 4 time laps 4 phases

  • Reception of chart – Quotation – Price agreement – Initial sample
  • Raw material – Touch, aspect – Making of swatches – Lab-dips
  • Accessories, marking, packaging and labelling – Presentation of revised sample
  • Comments, modifications – Making of size set – Production – Packing – Delivery

Choice of fabrics and colors

In summary, MGEUROP puts its weavers at your service. Both in terms of fabrics than colors and accessories, you have total control of validation chain.


Internal controls undertaken in production may at any time and at your request be supported by external agencies such as SGS® or Intertek®

We manage your files

Upon receipt of your files and your specifications, Sally makes a checklist to ensure that she has all the elements to start the industrial process.