The 3 essential steps of the development of your clothes and collection by MGEUROP

MGEUROP specializes in the design and manufacture

1.Precise and complete technical files

From the first work meeting, it is useful to specify every detail as well as the requirements and technical constraints.

Each point is a lever in the articulation of the price, it is essential to provide to MGEUROP a folder per article clarifying the fabric, colors, accessories, markings, standards, quantities, packaging and the requirements for delivery.

2.Bi-side validation

Any submission by another person shall be validated by its counterpart.

Through optimized communication, any precision supplied by the customer or MGEUROP to supplement the file must be validated by all stakeholders.

The plant starts production only if each point of the process is validated.

MGEUROP personalized marking

3.Controls at each step

Internal controls ensure compliance with the terms of the file.

By being present at each stage of development, sourcing, sampling and production, MGEUROP ensures the smooth conduct of the case.

However, on his express request, the Customer may missionner an outside company that will reinforce the initial checks (SGS®, Intertek® or other.